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föstudagur, október 15, 2004

Texti við lag Eddie Murphy úr SNL, Kill the White People

I live in a shanty in the shantytown. We have no money so we had to sleep on the ground. I played the music. My father he dig a ditch. My mother she do laundry life sure was a bitch.
But 'till we killed the white people. Ooh we gun make them hurt. Kill the white people yea. But buy my record first. Ooh yea. Why don’t you buy my record?
We sing of freedom and ooh equality. But we really don’t care we just want money money money. We want to drive in a big black limosine. Get so high off ganja we cant even see.and then we kill the white people. Ooh we gunna make them hurt.Kill the white people. Yea. Ooh but buy my record first ooh.
When u go in the record store. We gunna wait outside. We gunna hit them in the head with a bat and make them cry. but 'till we kill the white people. Yea but buy my record first.


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